Sell ​​my car: what is the ideal time?

Whether because of a financial crisis, recurring maintenance expenses or even to fulfill the dream of purchasing a new vehicle, selling your car involves much more than creating an attractive advertisement. In order for you not to lose out at the time of sale, you need to think about factors such as devaluation, car conditions, where to sell and taxes.

Thinking about it, we created an article to help you in that moment. Below you will see what is the best month for sale, what should be taken into account to make the change of the vehicle and where to make this sale safely.

When is the best time to sell my used car?

Generally, the most advantageous times for those who sell used cars are those when potential buyers have more money in their pockets at the end of the year, at the end of the month or even on specific dates, such as PLR payment or allowances by companies. However, it is always worth making it clear that trade takes place during all months of the year. From September to December, many companies tend to free up more money by paying their 13th salary and vacation. It is best to prioritize selling your car this part of the year. From January to March, many people are paying several bills and obligations at the beginning of the year, such as: IPVA, school / school supplies for their children, in addition to spending on gifts and travel for the month of December. That is, these months may be in low demand for vehicle purchase.

Alternatively, you can choose to sell your car to tenants. They tend to have a more constant appetite during every month, as they can take the opportunity to buy in low demand months to sell profitably in high demand months.

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Aspects that demonstrate the need for exchange

1. Unexpected and constant expenses

If you are experiencing high costs thanks to the exchange of expensive parts, referring to the gearbox and engine, for example, turn on the red light. After all, the higher the maintenance costs, the smaller the amount you will recover from the money invested. A good tip is to seriously think about an exchange when maintenance exceeds 10% of the commercial value of your vehicle.

In fact, the number of kilometres driven is an indicator that must be taken into account when deciding on the sale of your car.

2. Good offers

A valuable tip for those who are in the market looking for a good deal is to take advantage of opportunities, that is, do not miss out on good offers. They happen mainly for those who purchase a car with guaranteed outlets and who are up to date.

Therefore, it is essential that you carry out research on the cars that are less devalued before making an exchange, in order to maintain good negotiations.

3. Recurring maintenance

Taking the car to the mechanic many times will only bring you costs and lost time, as these expenses will not have a return at the time of sale due to depreciation of the vehicle.

If the car has problems with the mechanics, besides having to carry out repairs indented or scratched, the best solution is to negotiate with the future buyer the reduction of the maintenance value in the car.

In that case, it can end up being better for both parties, in addition to saving you money!

4. Need to update the model

Many people spend no more than five years with the same vehicle, making constant changes in search of newer and more modern models. 

So, if your car is already outdated, with very high mileage, causing dissatisfaction, know that the time is ripe for a resale.

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