6 tips to increase the price of your car

The time comes in everyone’s life when they must permanently separate from their car. The one in which he lived a lot of things, with which he keeps memories and moments that will mark him for the rest of his existence.

Have the documentation in order

It is essential that when you decide to sell your car the papers are in order. From the receipts of parts, mechanic invoices, logbooks and anything else related to the vehicle.

Otherwise, if the buyer finds that something is not going well, they could ask you –with all right to lower the price, or give up the purchase if they distrust something.

The condition of the car

If you have not been a responsible owner, you cannot expect the price of your car to be within the range of your expectations. Think that when the interested party checks the car, he will at least check the condition of the oil, and will seek to know when you did the last maintenance.

You also have the right to bring a mechanic. If you are careless, the cost of your car could be seriously penalized.


It’s not making up mistakes, it’s about the REAL way you use your car. If the tires of your car have bumps, they look very worn and / or dirty, at the moment you show it, the buyer could intuit that in general, you are not interested in the condition of the machine.


When you buy something you expect it to make you fall in love from the sight. Showing your car untidy, with garbage or food residues inside (including its smell), could be disappointing to the potential buyer.

It is recommended that you invest a little in its appearance and have it immaculate.


Over time it is common for some car systems to fail. Window switches, automatic locks, even some lights. The fact that you are getting rid of the car does not imply that you are delivering it with all the defects as is.

Any failure in the electrical system also warrants that the buyer can ask you for a price reduction.

An unreal price

How to determine the price of your car?

The first indicator – or reference – can be found on the internet. Then, look for similar models on the internet and check more or less how much they are offered by other sellers.

If you can, compare the condition of your car with the others offered, so that you have an idea of ​​what you can really earn for it. A very high price can also generate distrust.

Remember that the buyer will always look for their money to be well invested. So you could find very meticulous people who put you in trouble if you have not been careful with the state of your vehicle.

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