What is my car worth?

When buying and selling a car, it is crucial to have an answer to “what is my car worth?”

Trades Cars for Cash will help you with the valuation.

You will receive an indication of the current value within minutes via our online tool. How much is my car really worth? You will find about as soon as you fill the form with your car’s details. Alternatively, you can call us on 0466 879 131.

An accurate car valuation of your car gives you guidelines when selling your car and also offers a better negotiating position.

Do a valuation now and find out what you can ask for your car!

At Trades Cars For Cash, we buy all type of cars from family cars, 4x4s, UTEs, trucks and more and pay top dollar. We pay cash up to $9,999 for unwanted cars, junk cars, scrap cars. Make, model, year, mileage don’t matter – we will have a fair offer for any type of car in any condition.

This is how we determine the value of your car online

You can easily calculate ‘What is my car worth’ via our online valuation tool. This tool estimates the value of your car based on the following factors:

  • Brand + model
  • Mileage
  • Construction year

In our database, all information that is known about your car is requested. Based on this, an estimate can be made of what your car is still worth in perfect condition. The value from our valuation tool is only an indication of what your car is really worth. The final value will be determined once the vehicle is physically inspected. 

You are not quite sure whether you want to sell or trade-in your car. Dealers are known to offer way less than the actual worth of the vehicle because they will re-sell it. At Trade Cars For Cash, you will get the maximum value of your car. The exact value of your car is not relevant to a dealer. Why? The dealer is focusing on paying as little as possible for your car. A dealer always has a profit margin to start with and often a dealer is not willing to pay for every brand and model.


    • You give us a call (at 0466 879 131) or write us an email (at quote@tradecarsforcash.com.au).
    • The expert team of appraisers reaches at your given address at a time of your convenience to thoroughly inspect your car.
    • We give you top dollar offer on your car.
    • When you agree with our offer, we give you an instant cash offer.
    • Trade Cars for Cash vehicles perform mechanical car removal services for absolutely free.