Car Recycling Sydney

Highest Cash For Car Recycling in Sydney – cash up to $8999!

At Trade Cars For Cash, you get cash for cars whether it is an old car, broken, rusted, accident damage, unregistered or scrap!

Car Recycling in Sydney

It is a process of collecting old, unwanted and scrap car, recycling them and making new, useable products from them. Cars will be dismantled and parts that are still useable will be collected. The rest of the car where it is only metal and plastics will be recycled accordingly.

Have a car that is only worth recycling and nothing else? We pay cash up to $8999 for cars that are no longer wanted by their owners. Even cars that you think no one would be interested in are welcome at our scrap yard in Sydney – we’ll find good use of those cars.

Our services aren’t limited to car recycling – we also offer scrap car removal, junk car removal and buy all types of vehicles from trucks, vans, utes to family sedans and 4x4s.

Recycle Your Car and Get Cash In Return

Having an unused junk car in your yard or garage is nothing but waste of space.¬† An old car that has been sitting for years will have all sorts of problems and will costs thousands to fix. And it’s not even guaranteed that it can be fixed. Instead of spending your time and money on an old clunker, you can sell it at Trade Cars For Cash¬† for recycling purposes. We cover all Sydney areas and can reach your place even on weekends to ensure speedy car recycling.

Reach out to us and your car will be recycled the same day.

We will pick up your car and pay you on the spot.

Here is why you should recycle your unwanted car

  • Helps the environment by disposing of the non-degradable parts
  • Conserves natural resources and help us to use recycled materials
  • One less air polluting car on the roads
  • Supports the circulation of spare parts at lower costs
  • Creating more jobs in recycling industry


car recycler in sydney

Eco-Friendly Vehicle Recycling in Sydney for Scrap Cars

We will provide cash for cars service to buy your vehicle in Sydney. You will not only get an environmentally safe service but also that is quick and convenient. Dispose of your damaged car, old car, junk truck, scrap car, or any other vehicle with our help. Trade Cars for Cash is a friendly car removal service that has the most easy-going staff that will not let you be stressed about your old car anymore! Give us a chance to pick your junk vehicle up for free in exchange for top cash offers for your car bodies!

Free Unwanted Car Removal Recycled into Scrap Metal

Why wait when you can get your vehicle removed and into the scrap car recycling unit right away? We guarantee you the pickup of your vehicle for free within 24 hours! If you have a scrap vehicle lying at home, there is no reason you should have to keep looking at it! You can easily make it a point of entry for some top cash for cars that we pay at Trade Cars for Cash. It is an easy way to get rid of your car as soon as you want to, with a simple step. The simple step is to give us a quick call on our phone number or by filling up our online quote form on our website.

For free paperwork, free quotes and a free car towing service, call us TODAY! The online quote form needs details about your vehicle that will be required by our customer care executives to get in touch with you! Do not forget to fill it in today for a free booking! Call us NOW on 0466 879 131 for car recycling in Sydney.