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Trade Cars For Cash is a leading junk car and old car buyer in Sydney. We buy vehicles and pay cash all over Sydney Region including all suburbs. On top of paying cash for cars, we also offer free towing service if your car isn’t in driving condition. The question of “how to sell my car” is no more a problem because out of all the junk car companies we have the industry’s leading service and we pay the highest cash for any type of vehicle regardless its make, model, year made and condition in all Sydney suburbs. Our quotes are guaranteed and won’t change, no hidden fees, no hassle – just quick cash for cars and speedy car removal service.

Cash For Cars in Sydney UpTo $9999 – Sell My Car

It is only at Trade Cars For Cash where you will get the full value of your vehicle because we pay the highest cash for cars in Sydney. If you go to an auto dealer with the intention of ‘sell my car’ they will do so but only pay you a small amount of the actual sale price.

With us, you get all the cash for yourself in a quick manner. Your car will be picked up on the same day you call us. Our free car removal service will remove your car quickly and put the cash in your pocket all in less than an hour. We will never try to bargain the price with you. When our driver shows up, what we quote is exactly what you will receive.

We don’t just buy your old cars, we help the planet breathe better. Your old used vehicle pollutes more as it ages. Emissions of toxic gases are much greater. Sending your old car to the scrap yard not only helps keep our planet healthy but also helps to recycle your old car parts.

sell my car sydney

Our cash offer for cars stands completely for all vehicles and we don’t care about the make or model, whether there are mechanical concerns or it doesn’t run – Vans, SUVs Utes and Trucks are welcome. All cars have value for us so do not hesitate to contact us on 0466 879 131. Our team of experts here at Trade Cars for Cash have years of experience combined in the industry and the rest assured you will get the service you have been looking for.


Call us today at 0466 879 131 or write us an email at to avail our instant cash offers on cars and free car removal services in Sydney.

  • Free Car Removals
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Top Cash Returns
  • Top cash for your junk car
  • Easy and quick removal of unwanted cars
  • Removal service for any type of vehicle including SUVs, vans, Ute, trucks
  • Free towing service
  • No hidden fees
  • Same day cash
  • Free quotes over the phone or online
  • 100% satisfaction

Here is what you get from us when you want to “sell my car”

We know there is nothing more unpleasant than a car that does not start in the morning or after a long day of work, it may be the time to sell the car for cash and in that case, you should contact Trade Cars for Cash.

  • We buy all kinds of vehicles for recycling: cars, motorcycles, SUV trucks etc.
  • Whatever the state of the car, whether it is in working order or not
  • We pay cash
  • Towing is included at no extra charge
  • Get the best prices


We build close relationships with our customers, working tirelessly to achieve their goals. We can realize a fast service and quality assurance. Your security is our priority! you will always enjoy quality, knowledge and technical expertise in accordance with the strictest standards. We offer professional and diversified services. We have always fulfilled our commitments.