Automatic transmission: pros and cons

When choosing a new or used car, a potential owner should pay attention not only to which internal combustion engine is installed on it , but also which gearbox is equipped with this or that vehicle.

The fact is that each type of transmission has both pros and cons. Taking into account a number of features, it can be assumed how much it will cost the driver to operate, maintain, repair or replace the gearbox. Next, we will consider what advantages and disadvantages the automatic transmission has.

Pros automatic box

So, not only on the engine, but also on the gearbox, it will directly depend on how the car accelerates from a standstill, how smoothly the gear changes, etc. Also, a good combination of engine and gearbox in some cases allows you to achieve fuel economy and ease of movement.

As you know, many motorists, when choosing a car, give their preference to an automatic transmission, considering it the most comfortable both in driving and in motion. In practice, this is true, that is, automatic transmission is one of the best options for driving around the city and moving in traffic jams.

The hydromechanical automatic transmission works on the basis of a planetary gear using a torque converter . Also, when using an automatic machine, you do not need to have certain skills, as with manual transmission mechanics .

The main advantages of automatic transmission:

  • ease of operation (a car with an automatic machine is equipped with a selector and two pedals – an accelerator pedal and a brake pedal, there is no clutch pedal);
  • electronics are responsible for the gear change process (automatic selection of the gear ratio, taking into account the vehicle speed and the degree of pressing the gas pedal, occurs without the direct participation of the driver);
  • gear shifting takes place practically without interrupting the power flow (using hydraulically driven multi-disc friction clutches or band brakes);
  • reliable protection of the engine and the chassis of the car from overloads (protection is carried out by such an automatic transmission unit as a torque converter);
  • special programs, which are equipped with many modern machines, allow you to improve the movement of the car on off-road or on snow in the winter season;
  • the automatic transmission has a greater cross-country ability (due to the smooth change in the torque value from the internal combustion engine );

Disadvantages of automatic transmission


With all its advantages, the automatic transmission, like any other unit, also has its disadvantages.

The main disadvantages of automatic transmission:

  • expensive maintenance (automatic transmission is a rather complex unit that requires qualified maintenance and compliance with operating rules);
  • increased fuel consumption (fuel consumption on the machine compared to mechanics is on average 10 percent higher);
  • slower acceleration compared to cars equipped with manual transmissions with equal volumetric and power characteristics of the internal combustion engine (the automatic transmission torque converter “takes” part of the internal combustion engine power);
  •  during towing (towing with the engine off can harm the box, since it causes oil starvation of all automatic transmission mechanisms);
  • the inability to start the car “from the pusher” (if the engine is not started, then there is no transmission of torque to the drive wheels).

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