Best car summer tires of 2020

The choice of tires for a car is an eternal source of headache: you have to balance between wear resistance and the quality of grip on asphalt, keep within a certain budget, and at the same time you want to maintain decent acoustic comfort, especially on budget cars with low-quality noise insulation.

By definition, there cannot be a perfect tire. For dirt roads, you need a deep tread with a thinned pattern – but at the same time, such tires will be heavier and noisier on asphalt. For urban roads, the quality of grip is more important – and this is a tread made of softer rubber with an increased contact patch, less weight to reduce fuel consumption and unsprung suspension masses. So choose the tires that meet your specific needs and requirements.

Remember, the most expensive tires are not always in the top. Sometimes inexpensive domestic products are not inferior to advertised imported ones.

MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4

13 220 diameter 19 inches

If the name is not yet an indicator (marketers will not come up with such a thing), then the list of standard sizes indicates the driver’s ambitions of Pilot Sport 4 summer tires: even the most “civilized” one is 205/55 R16 with a speed index W or Y, the list ends for 325/30 R21. At the same time, Michelin did without extreme tread pattern: the rubber works great on wet surfaces, at the same time, the contact patch has a decent area on dry asphalt. In general, the victory in the tests not only of the Russian “Auto Review”, but also of the German “AutoBild”, “Auto Motor und Sport”, “Sport Auto” and “AUTO Zeitung” looks quite expected. The balance of “handling-comfort” is shifted more towards handling: even with the “fifty-fifth” profile, the rubber is stiff, lower tires in this series, in combination with a rigid suspension, are completely capable of crushing teeth.

Pirelli P Zero New (Luxury saloon)

12 940 diameter 18 inches

The choice of standard sizes in the new line of summer tires Pirelli P Zero, starting from 17 inches in the “passenger” line, immediately hints – this rubber is not created for all cars. This hint is echoed by the homologations of Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini – it is not difficult to understand that the tires were created with the expectation of fans of dynamic driving, owning a sufficient amount of horsepower under the hood. Fast driving imposes increased safety requirements – that is why tires use, in particular, the technology of “self-sealing” punctures Seal Inside: about 85 percent of the inner surface of the tire is covered with a special mastic, which the air pressure squeezes into the puncture, forcing it to seal. However, even with a pressure loss below the critical level, reinforced sidewalls will have their say – as on other RunFlat tires, they will allow for some time to move without pressure at all. The tread of the tires is slightly asymmetrical and surprisingly conservative in design – even more conservative than the “old” Pirelli P Zero. The change is especially interesting in light of the fact that they frankly preferred dry asphalt, too quickly “float” on wet. Having got rid of strongly inclined wide grooves on the “outer” half of the tread, the rubber became slightly more noisy (and with this, the old series had an obvious problem), but it became better to “hold” on dry asphalt, while on wet it definitely improved grip – and for this modernization it is worthwhile to say “thank you” to the manufacturer unambiguously, because we managed to make the weakest point of the previous series not so prominent.

Toyo Proxes ST III

5 860 diameter 16 inches

The increasing popularity of “sporty” SUVs and crossovers that spend almost their entire life on the asphalt (Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, BMW X6, and so on) is clearly the reason for the appearance of this line of tires. Indeed, the tread pattern is clearly designed for fast cars: elongated grooves in the center, facilitating drainage at high speeds, a choice of diameters up to 24 inches, speed indices starting at 240 km / h. The choice of profiles in the line is rich: from even the oversized 65th profile to the extreme 25th.

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