Can I sell my used car to a dealer?

Sooner or later, many drivers consider selling their used car to buy a newer one, because it begins to give problems or simply because they need another type of vehicle in their life. At a time when everything is being compared online, the question is where to get the best price for your used car. “Can I sell my used car to a dealer” is being asked all the time and the simple answer is, yes, you can sell your car to a dealer. However, there are more to it than on the surface, let’s dive in. 

Selling your used car in Sydney

Selling a car to a dealer has always been one of the main options to get rid of the vehicle quickly and with guarantees. However, going to a dealer does not always guarantee the expected financial return. Dealers are known to undervalue cars because they are interested in reselling it. If they get it as cheap as possible, they can make more profit. Hence, selling your car to a dealer is not the ideal option. If you are interested in a trade-in, however, dealers might be what you are looking for. When trading your car in, it’s value will be deducted from your new car’s price.

can i sell my car to a dealer

What is a car dealership?

If you are looking for a specific model of a specific brand, it is best to go to an official dealer, where the models in question are displayed and sold. Many of these dealers also offer repair and care services for the car, always with the official guarantee of the firm.

Can I sell my car to a dealer?

The answer is yes, but before doing so, it is important to consider the pros and cons.

Pros of selling your car to a dealer


  • Easy, safe and professional process.
  • You have the possibility to discount the amount of your used car when buying a new one.
  • You receive professional advice


Cons of selling your car to a dealer


  • Dealers will undervalue your car
  • They might not be interested in your car


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