Car insurance – everything you need to know

Having the right car insurance is important for every car owner.

But how do you find the best – or the cheapest?

Here we have gathered everything you need to know. In addition, you get tips on what is most important to look at when comparing car insurance, such as limitations for machine damage, deductibles and the maximum amount for extra equipment.

Choosing car insurance can seem like a jungle, there are many companies, different offers, and very fine print to read through. The first thing you should do is review what needs you have and what type of protection you need in case of an accident.

– Nobody wants to pay too much for their car insurance and therefore it is important to choose the right scope of insurance.

Third-Party Insurance

The compulsory third-party insurance briefly covers the medical expenses of all involved should there be any injuries. Also called green slip, it provides compensation for personal injuries such as ambulance or hospital bills. The motor third party liability insurance does not cover damage where you are responsible for the damage: Should you, for example, be the cause of a collision, the insurance doesn’t cover any damage or property loss.

Full insurance

The most comprehensive car insurance is full insurance. If you have comprehensively insured the car, you will receive compensation for the damage you have caused to your own car, which, unlike the third-party insurance, also includes car damage. The comprehensive insurance also provides compensation in the event of damage. You are covered in most events such as theft, fire, at fault damage, not at fault damage and more. This is the most expensive type of insurance but it’s well worth when you need it. 

Fire and theft insurance

You can also get insurance specific for these two cases: fire and theft. If your vehicle sets on fire due to mechanical issues or deliberately set on fire by a third party, you will be covered. You will also be covered for theft. If you happen to find out your vehicle is missing, you can make a theft claim. This is cheaper than comprehensive insurance.

What do you really need insurance for? Insuring something costs some money – it’s definitely not free. Sometimes it may feel unnecessary to spend a lot of money on insurance because the risk is still quite small that something happens. At the same time, an insurance policy can be quite good to have when something happens, especially if the insurance applies to something with a great value.

As long as everything goes well and you do not have to use your insurance, it can feel a bit like you pay a lot of money without getting anything for them. Every year, you spend thousands on car insurance and home insurance, but since you have not had a collision with the car or had the misfortune to have something happen at home, you have not had to use the insurance. But insurance is simply there for those times when something actually happens and then you are often happy to have one. Then it is often worth the money in the end.

If you didn’t have comprehensive insurance on your car ended up having an accident or an unfortunate event that rendered your useless, there still is a way to get cash for your car. You can sell your accident-damaged car at Trade Cars For Cash and get instant cash for it.