Everything you need to know to get a good duplicate of your car key

When anyone buys a new or second-hand vehicle , usually and especially at dealerships, a copy of their own car key is usually included for the new owner’s safety .

However, as common as this is to lose one of these keys and not have an emergency duplicate that allows us to access and use our car in case of loss or theft of the keys. 

Although this may seem like an unusual situation, the truth is that most drivers have gone through a minor crisis at some time in their lives when they realized that they did not have their car keys located. 

Luckily for this not to happen, we have different options that allow us to anticipate these events and have a duplicate of the keys as a spare key. 

As can be seen, there is a simple, fast and comfortable solution, so the question would be, why, having this option, we stop duplicating our keys? Well, the truth is that most people do not carry out this procedure because they do not know the processes or the companies that are professionally engaged in this type of duplication. 

Previous questions before making the duplicate

The first thing that must be clear to be able to make a duplicate of keys is what base we start from.

 ¿ We already have a copy of the keys or we lost and what we want is to duplicate from scratch? Considering this, we will have different alternatives to start with. 

In case we have the original set of our car keys, we will simply have to take them to a specialized store and request a duplicate. As simple as that. 

In general, in this case it is not recommended to take the key to have it duplicated at the dealer, because they will probably send the key to a specialized company and they will charge us a commission for managing the service. 

They will simply do the procedure the same as we would by going to a key copy shop with the difference that they will charge us a bonus for it. 

In the event that we have lost all the original copies of our car keys, we will still be able to access a duplicate, but it will take us a little more work. 

Basically, we have two options: communicate the security code found on the purchase papers of our vehicle or prove with some document that we are the owners of the car. 

In this way, without any problem, we can access a duplicate on the same day. 

Where can I get a duplicate?

This is, perhaps, the most relevant question that usually arises when we want to make a copy of our car keys: in which company to do it . 

The truth is that, today, many establishments have specialized tools and techniques to make high-quality duplicates of car keys. 

The key to getting a good copy of our keys is to go to a company with experience in the sector, good reviews and that guarantees the quality of your keys with a warranty period . 

In this sense, the most important thing is to look at the prices, the deadline for the new keys and, above all, the quality of customer service. 

For this process, it is vital to look for a good company that invests in innovative facilities, that has specialized machines and that can ensure the same quality of the original keys also for duplication with at least one year of warranty.

In short, professionalism and specialization in locks and keys for vehicles are, without a doubt, two aspects that we must take into account when choosing the place where the duplication of our keys will finally take place. 

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