How do I dispose of my old car?

Not all cars are wanted by their owners and there could be many reasons for the car’s old age to high repair fees. Question of “how do I dispose of my old car?” becomes very frequent. Fortunately, there are a variety of options. In this article, you will see different options for getting rid of your car.

1. Sell it to a dealership

The fastest way to get rid of an old car is to sell it to a dealership. But if you go this route, dealers may not be willing to pay fair market value for your car. After all, their goal is to buy your car for a cheap price so they can clean it up and sell it for a profit.

If you are interested in selling your car to a dealership, start by going to a dealer that sells the same make. You can always try an off-brand dealership if you’re not happy with their offer. Take the time to ask around to see what various dealers are willing to pay.

2. Sell it yourself

Selling your car yourself involves a lot of work and requires dedication of some personal time. However, it could be rewarding because in a private sale you can dictate how much you want to get for your car. There are many free options to place an ad for your car such as Gumtree, and Facebook Marketplace. These websites also have paid options to make your ad more visible.

3. Trade it in

Trading your car in is a very quick way of getting rid of it. However, if your car is too old or has lots of issues, dealerships will refuse to accept it. On the other hand, if you have a car in average condition, by trading in you can reduce the amount you need to pay for a new car (from the same dealership).

The trade-in offer you receive will depend on the value of your car as well as whether the dealer already has similar cars in their lot, your car’s condition, and whether repairs will need to be made. Remember that if you don’t like the trade-in offer you get, you have no obligation to accept it.

4. Part it out

Parting out a car might be profitable in certain cases. For example, if you have a totalled car with salvageable parts, you can sell them separately and make more money than you would have by just selling it. However, parting out a car requires tools, garage space with certain equipment and experience.

5. Donate it

Donating your car is another option if you are not pursuing financial gains from it. There are many non-profit organisations that could use a car. You could also give your car to a family member & friend that needs a vehicle for transportation/work purposes. By pricing it very low on the rego transfer papers, the person who takes the ownership wouldn’t have to pay any big amounts for the transfer fee. It’s $3 dollars per every $100 in NSW for transfer fees.

6. Junk it

If your car is considered junk and still want to get cash for it, you can contact a service such as Trade Cars For Cash and sell it as junk car. We pay cash for junk cars and buy cars quickly – usually the same day we are contacted. We also offer free car removal & assist with the paperwork. All you need is proof of ownership, a valid ID and keys to the car!