How do you sell a car that has been in an accident?

Accidents happen all the time with cars and as much as we care about our cars, our health is more important. However, once the dust settles down and shock wears off, you are wondering what to do with your accident car. Depending on the specifics of the case, you may have more than a few options.

Do you have insurance?

Considering you are not at fault, the other party’s comprehensive insurance will cover the fixing costs of your car. If the other party doesn’t have insurance but you have your own coverage, your insurance company will have the vehicle fixed while chasing the person at fault to pay for the costs. In either option, you are not involved too much. However, if both parties don’t have comprehensive insurance, you might be stuck with a damaged car. It’s a situation no one wants to be in. What to do? Well, what’s happened happened and you should focus on how to get it fixed. Fixing a car that has been through an accident won’t be cheap but it is still cheaper than buying a new car. The other option is contacting a car buyer service such as Trade Cars For Cash. This type of service will pay cash for your accident car regardless of how badly it is damaged. It’s better than selling it privately (no one would buy it) and better than letting it rot in some corner.

What to do if the car is written off?

Written-off cars can still be sold or bought in NSW, however, only for parting out or scrap metal purposes. They cannot be re-registered (very few exceptions) and be back on the roads. As long as you have proof of ownership and keys to the car, you can sell your accident car and get cash for it.

Sell your accident car

Interested in selling an accident car? You can contact Trade Cars For Cash for an online quote. There are absolutely no obligations and you are free to reject the offer. However, if you are happy with the amount you will be paid, we can arrange a pick up of your vehicle the same day. Our driver will come with a tow truck and assist you with the paperwork. We offer a variety of services including instant cash for cars offers that promise to give you a top quote on your vehicle of up to a whopping $9999. Our expert team of appraisers knows all kinds of vehicles helping you get the most out of your old or damaged vehicle.