How to sell a damaged car quickly

Before you rush to sell damaged car that has been in an accident, make sure that it is really beyond repair, and it is easier and more profitable to sell it than to fix it. To determine whether your car is a total loss, you can get a mechanic to assess it for a small fee. If the assessment confirms the degree of damage, you should be looking to get rid of your damaged car.


What to do with an accident car

If you had comprehensive insurance on your car, there is nothing to worry about. Whether it’s your fault or not, your car will be either fixed or declared a write-off and you will get the agreed amount back for your car.

However, most people don’t get comprehensive insurance on their car, simply seeing it as too expensive. If you don’t have insurance and have to deal with an accident car, there are only three options:

  • restore and sell the broken car yourself;
  • sell the spare parts without repair in the form in which it is after the accident;
  • throw in the junk and get a discount on the purchase of a new one from a dealer.

We will dwell on each of these ways to sell an accident car in more detail.

sell damaged car


Repair and sell your damaged car

If the damage to the car is insignificant (the bumper is damaged or the paintwork is damaged on several parts, chips on the hood, etc.), then any auto repair shop can handle cosmetic repairs. After the work is done, you can prepare the car for sale. Be sure to provide the buyer with a history verification report. If your car has more damage than simple repairs, it will cost exponentially more and you will have to work out if the repair fees are worth when you sell the car. If your car is in any condition that cannot be fixed, you will have to find another way of getting rid of it.


Sell damaged car parts individually

If your car is in any condition that is beyond repair, you can at least make some profit by parting it out. Damaged cars will still have some working components such as engine parts, interior items and etc. With enough salvageable parts remaining on the car, you can get up to $1000-2000 in total. However, parting out a car requires special tools and knowledge that you may not possess. An average driver won’t have more than a few tools at home and those are simply not enough to take apart a car. On top of that, parting out a car would require an organised space, not just any garage or street.


Sell your damaged car as scrap

The best option when it comes to selling a damaged car is to sell it as scrap. A scrap car buyer company such as Trade Cars For Cash will pay top cash for damaged cars. This way, you won’t have to repair your car or part it out yourself. You will get straight cash without even taking your car to the scrapyard. The company will come to your address and remove your scrap car free of charge. Another advantage of scrap car buyers is that you can sell any car regardless of its condition. It can be slightly damaged or a total write-off – it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s a car on four wheels, you will be able to get cash for it.


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