Hybrid car: is it worth buying it? Here are pros and cons

Hybrid cars are especially suitable for those who travel many kilometres in a year and drive mainly on urban roads or on slow-moving sections.

The automobile market is constantly evolving. The search for more economical and less polluting cars is a necessity, for which hybrid cars represent a concrete and reliable solution. Even in Australia, the trend of hybrid cars is growing, both thanks to the arrival of increasingly reliable, performing and affordable models, and thanks to the new 2020 car incentives.

One of the questions that every motorist asks before proceeding with the purchase is: “Is the hybrid convenient?” The hybrid cars flanked by an electric motor to the traditional engine powered by petrol or diesel. This solution allows a decidedly significant fuel saving. When the electric motor drives the hybrid car, emissions are practically zero.

This fact shows that the hybrid car is  also worthwhile from an eco-friendly point of view, especially in cities, where the percentage of use of the electric motor increases significantly. Many urban centers, in Italy and abroad, allow the circulation of hybrid cars, even in the presence of traffic restrictions or blocks that affect, instead, all cars powered by traditional fuels.

If, as it is true, it is the performance aspect of hybrid cars that worries some motorists, the test numbers show that the performance of hybrid cars is, in principle, similar to that obtained by the corresponding models, with diesel or diesel engines, petrol.

Current hybrid technology is no longer the exclusive prerogative of city cars but many car manufacturers produce sedan, SUV or crossover models with an electric motor associated with a thermal one. With mid-to-high-end cars, the convenience of hybrid propulsion is still good, even on extra-urban routes.

Hybrid cars have enjoyed considerable success and more and more car manufacturers are focusing their investments on this technology. Some supercars and prototypes that compete on the track also have hybrid technology. In principle, the purchase of a hybrid car is always recommended, also given the tendency to limit the use of diesel and petrol engines in the most populated areas. For certain categories of motorists, however, the switch to hybrid is even more convenient.

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