Is it Time to Sell Your Old Car? Let’s figure!

There are lot’s of thing we consider while buying a car – the price, the mileage, the color, the specifics, the model, the make, the condition. A lot of us forget that we need to consider the resale value of a car as well, even before we buy it! Why? Well, after the happiness and excitement of a new car has faded, and the finance is paid off, you might want to buy another car.

Considering the average Sydney- sider and their financials, or their housing/parking situation, you might not have the resources to keep a second car. What do you do then? You sell your old car to a car buyer in Sydney.

Let’s find out how to go about this!


  1. When do you think is the right time to sell your car?

    On an average, if you have a car that has been dealt with basic care and least maintenance, you can sell your car if it is between 50000-175000 kms.
    This is because your car is probably under the manufacturer’s warranty right now, and is definitely a better deal to the buyer. All your regular car buyers or even car dealerships will need the vehicle to drive it, or sell it off further for more profit. Owing to this, you need to sell your car to these options only if your car is in working condition. If you want to sell an old car that is not in working condition, you should get in touch with a scrap car dealer in Sydney like Trade Cars for Cash.

  2. How much time does it take to sell a car in Sydney?

    Wouldn’t we all love it if we could sell our old cars within a day? Unfortunately, if you want to sell your car privately, on an average it might take you a little less than 60 days and as much as 4 weeks at least, to sell your car. Surprising! But if you think about it, your ad will be up for a few days, your offers might start coming in a week later, your buyers would want to have a look at your car, so on and so forth. A seemingly easy process, but definitely time taking to say the least.
    But, if you need instant cash for your car, you can try selling it to a car removal company in Sydney. Trade Cars for Cash is a company that will pick your car up within 24 hours of your call to them. That’s right! You can just call them and they will pick your vehicle up from your premises as soon as you like. You can also get paid up to $8999 for your old vehicle irrespective of the make, model or condition of your car! Such scrap car removal companies generally scrap your car and do not care about the condition of the car as they do not need it to resell it.

  3. Is there a car selling season? If yes, when is it?

    This is a little tricky but makes things easier for you once you’ve figured it out. If you’ve got a family car, the chances of it selling during March-February are much more than any other month. This is majorly because more babies are born in these months.
    A convertible is less likely to sell during the colder months, and more likely to sell prior to the hot months in Sydney. As Sydney Summer evenings are nice and cozy, most people enjoy driving to the beach with their families.
    You can hence decide when you want to sell your car, precisely which month of the year.

    If you want to sell your car within 24 hours, call Trade Cars for Cash on 0466 879 131.