Is it worth buying a car after an accident

“There are no undamaged used cars!” Perhaps every car enthusiast has heard this phrase. Let’s see if it’s worth buying an accident car? When is the risk justified, and when is it worth abandoning the purchase? 

According to statistics, more than 70% of cars have been involved in an accident at least once. Most car dealers hide the fact of participation in an accident.

When is it worth buying a broken car

It is quite possible to save on the purchase of a vehicle that has been in an accident. However, only with minor damage. Experts advise spending time thinking on the amount that the repair will cost. Repair of a foreign car will cost much more, and here it is already necessary to proceed from your financial capabilities. The catch is that, without having special knowledge, it is quite difficult to determine the degree of damage if the seller does not want to tell the whole truth about the bit car. Therefore, it is best to use the services of an expert. A consultation with a qualified master may cost several thousand rubles, but, perhaps, he will be able to find those shortcomings in the broken car that you simply will not pay attention to due to your inexperience.

In which case should I refuse to purchase

According to experts, you should not buy a car with a broken body geometry. This defect in most cases is the cause of a head-on collision or other very serious accident. Repair of such a broken car will cost a pretty penny. And even if, after restoration, the machine looks perfectly decent, there will be plenty of problems with it. Violation of the body geometry can cause:

    • increased or uneven wear of rubber on wheels;
    • the appearance of cracks on the glass due to the curvature of the openings into which they are attached;
    • the occurrence of leaks in the cabin and other unforeseen situations.

In addition, the body restored after severe damage will no longer have the same strength, and with the next accident it may simply form an accordion. And this can cause the driver and passengers to receive life-threatening injuries.

Buying a car directly from the owner’s hands can also face fraud. Of course, not all sellers hide the truth about the real state of the vehicle for sale. Some people prefer to immediately report that the car has been in an accident and, in order to avoid further claims, tell in detail about all problem areas.

To determine whether a broken car is offered to you or not, you can use a special device – a thickness gauge or during an external examination of the car. There are several visual clues that can be used to identify a vehicle that has been in an accident. When buying a vehicle, carefully inspect it. A broken car will betray itself:

    • different shades of color of individual body elements;
    • unequal gaps between parts;
    • the presence of glasses and headlights of different years of manufacture (factory parts always have the same year of manufacture);
    • inaccurate welds;
    • incorrect wheel alignment (the reason for exceeding the permissible deviation from the norm may be a violation of the body geometry, which indicates a serious accident in which the car visited). It is better to refuse to buy such a broken car.

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