Second-hand vehicle sales increase over time. Perhaps it is because of the advantages that these types of cars generate or because there are different options to buy a used vehicle, either from a private individual or from a dealer.

We tell you some of the reasons why if you want to buy a car this 2020 you have to choose to buy a used car at a dealer.

  • Warranty. If you buy a car from an individual, you are obliged to sell a vehicle free of charges or encumbrances and you must respond to these things beforehand for six months. Dealers, on the other hand, generally offer a minimum warranty of one year. With this guarantee, you can forget about worries and if a problem occurs in your vehicle within the guarantee period, the dealer will fix it without you having to leave money.
  • Fully revised cars. The used vehicles that are sold in a dealer are checked and pass many tests so that they have the best conditions. On the other hand, cars that are sold by individuals do not pass these exhaustive reviews.
  • Procedures and paperwork. There are dozens of procedures that must be done when buying a used car. By making this purchase at a dealer you can forget about these steps since the dealer takes care of everything.
  • Dealers always transfer the car to their name, that is, the dealer himself responds in case of breakdown or problem.
  • Financing. If you buy your second-hand car at a dealership, it is very likely that you can finance the payment of the vehicle to make it easier for you to carry out the purchase.
  • Avoid cheating and fraud. Many individuals manipulate the odometers of the car they want to sell, in official dealerships you will always have your used car with the service book and with all the necessary information about it. Brands and dealers check the kilometres and pass tough checks on cars.


If you are looking for a second-hand car in this 2020, do not hesitate, opt for a used car. These vehicles offer a lot of advantages and, in addition, guarantees at a lower price than any new car.

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